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Gift Pack Option

Our Frantoio extra virgin olive oil has a fresh fruity character with a distinctive aromatic flavour and a good balance of pepperiness.

Select from our bottle range (250ml or 500ml) or the convenient 1 litre or 3 litre boxes. The 2018 harvest is done and dusted and our new season Frantoio is beautiful and fresh.


This special blend of our extra virgin olive oils has a depth of flavour with medium intensity, a well-balanced fruitiness and a delicious peppery finish.


We are very close to releasing our 2018 Grove Blend – watch this space.


Grove Blend

Our Ascolano oil has a distinctive peppery finish. It is perfect drizzled over a tasty salad, or as an antipasto with dukha and a lovely glass of Northland merlot.


Our new season Ascolano is now available, and being the rare olive it is in New Zealand, supplies are limited, so get in quick.


Select from our bottle range only (250ml or 500ml).


Ascolano options

The Olives on the Hill Vinaigrette is an exciting blend of our extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, herbs and New Zealand honey.


A tasty way to dress up your favourite salad, fantastic as a marinade for chicken or lamb or as a dressing on pasta dishes.


Only available in 250ml bottles. Shake well before use.


This year we are pleased to announce the arrival of our first Leccino extra virgin olive oil. After coppicing the trees 3 years ago, the oil from this year’s harvest is devine. Buttery and full flavoured, you will love the taste and will be coming back for more. Be quick as we only have a limited supply.


Only available in 250ml bottles.

Leccino options

This beautifully created miniatures gift pack features our three extra virgin olive oils, plus the Olives on the Hill Vinaigrette. The packaging is exquisite and the oil is, as always, delicious.

Each bottle gives two servings and you will then know which is truly your favourite. You’ll definitely be coming back for more!

4 Miniatures Gift Pack

Most olive oil varieties are also available in bulk packages. 3 litre and 1 litre boxes keep the oil fresh. 

The special food grade bladder inside the box collapses as the oil is used, ensuring no air or light gets to the oil. 

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