We are a 100% Kiwi owned, family run business with a passion for Olive oil.

Our grove is near the top of the North Island of New Zealand close to a beautiful quiet town called Mangawhai at the foot of the Brynderwyn Mountains.

The beautiful rural setting of Kingsview Estate, with its Mediterranean climate, provides the home for Olives on the Hill.

This is the source of our exceptional, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Our Olives

We have three main varieties, all with very distinctive qualities. Our Frantoio is fruity, full bodied and very tasty, the Ascolano is vivacious with a tasty peppery finish, and the Leccino has a full and buttery flavour that will keep you wanting more.

The Grove At Mangawhai

Nestled in the foothills of the Brynderwyns and in the centre of the new Kingsview Estate lies the grove that is becoming renown for top class olive oil; Olives on the Hill.

The 1,300 trees that make up the grove at Olives on the Hill have produced some excellent harvests for us.

Strong,fruity flavours of the Frantoio olive and the more subtle but vibrant flavour of the Ascolano olive have given us several harvests to remember.

How We Make Our Oil

Harvesting and pressing the olives has been an inspirational journey since we started in 2012.

Mechanical harvesting is quick and easy, and hand picking is a pleasant way to spend a weekend. With friends and family lending a hand the toil became fun and the rewards immense. With the dappled sun streaming through the foliage, we talk our way through over 600kg of hand-picking and sorting olives in a day. Very satisfying.